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Facilities and how to use them

There is a public cluster available in Room 1a in the Department of Mathematics. This will be available to delegates of Bianisotropics'97 during normal opening hours of the building: weekdays from 8.30 - 17.30. As the building is normally closed on Saturdays, special arrangements would have to be made for anyone requiring access on Saturday, 7 June.

The machines are networked PC's and it is necessary to have a user identity and password. There is a temporary account for participants, who should log in using the following:

user id: bi97 password: glasgow

Having successfully logged in, a menu should appear. Selection of the first item gives access to an MS Windows based Common Student Computing Environment.

Note that the only place where files can be left securely between sessions is the H-drive. Since this account has multiple users, if you wish to create or download files first create a directory on the H-drive. I suggest you use your name or initials, e.g., H:\ajb. It is best to put your files there and not in the directory H:\ in case there is a conflict with other users. Since other users have access to your files, this space should be regarded as rather insecure!

Please log out with the proper procedure or switch off the PC when finished.

Software available

House Rules

Please do not abuse these facilities and remember that they are often in demand from students.

If you need to print out material, the PC cluster defaults to the printer in the same room. If you do a large amount of printing please make a `donation' of 4p per page for which receipts can be issued.

(last updated 21-05-97)