Poster Session Program

Official poster session: Friday 6 June, 10.35 - 11.10.

Posters marked with a * are presented in absence of their authors.

  1. * Polarization Effects Of Opposite Waves Interference In Longitudinally Magnetized Layer
    S A Afanasiev and D I Sementsov
  2. * Sensor Properties Of Anisotropic Media And Structures On The Base Of Porous Silicon
    D Bilenko, O Belobrovaya, E Jarkova, O Coldobanova, T Melnikova, I Misenko, V~Polyanskaya and E Khasina
  3. Bianisotropy At Phase Transition In Quartz
    I T Bodnar
  4. Frequency-Domain Wave-Splitting Techniques For Plane-Stratified Bianisotropic Media
    G N Borzdov
  5. Orthogonal Curvilinear Coordinate Systems On The Wavevector Surface In A Transparent Biaxial Crystal
    G N Borzdov
  6. * Multiple Contributions To Effective Dielectric Constant Of Suspensions Of Spheres
    L G Grechko and V Pustovit
  7. * Electromagnetic Waves In Bianisotropic Stratified Media: 4 4 Matrix Method
    O V Ivanov and D I Sementsov
  8. Electromagnetic Scattering By Bianisotropic Structures Consisting Of Inhomogeneous Cylindrical Layers
    B Jakoby
  9. * Analysis Of Frequency Characteristics Of Electooptical Multimode Modulators With Optical Parameters, Varying Along The Light Propagation Direction
    O V Kolokoltsev and K A Milstein
  10. On High Frequency And Low Frequency Resonances Of The SHCP Artifi- cial Medium
    M V Kostin and V V Shevchenko
  11. * Chiral And Chiral-Ferromagnetic Resonances In Two-Layer Chiral Structures
    G Kraftmakher and Y Kazantsev
  12. Microwave Resonances In Multiturn Helices: From Dielectric To Dielectric And Magnetic Losses
    G Kraftmakher and S Kuehl
  13. * Demonstration Of Marginal Nonreciprocity In Linear Bi-Isotropic Material And Comparison To Ferrite Material
    C M Krowne
  14. An Impedance Model For The Scattering Of Gaussian Beams At Isotropic-Nonlinear Interfaces
    M Lehman
  15. Bethe-Salpeter Approach To Electromagnetic Scattering By An Ensemble Of Randomly Oriented Dielectric Particles
    B Michel
  16. * Determination Of Optical Parameters Of Anisotropic And Gyrotropic Films By Using Ellipsometric Data
    B V Nabatov, A F Konstantinova and A Yu Tronin
  17. Analysis Of Chiral Scatterers Using Volume Integral Formulation
    V V Sanjaynath, Reena Sharma and N Balakrishnan
  18. Electromagnetic Waves In The Laminated Periodical Media With Spiral Structure: Non-Collinear Propagation
    I V Semchenko, E A Fedosenko, S A Khakhomov and I N Akhramenko
  19. Electromagnetic Properties Of Composite Magnetic Material In Dependence On Inclusion Concentration
    V N Semenenko, V A Chistyaev and D E Ryabov
  20. Optical Anisotropy Of Oriented Dye-Containing Comb-Shaped LC-Copolymer Films
    A P Shtyrkova, T M Glushkova, S A Ivanov, D F Kiselev, M M Firsova and V P Shibaev
  21. Diffraction By A Planar Array Of Omega Particles
    C R Simovski, P A Belov, M S Kondratiev and S A Tretyakov
  22. Electrooptical Properties Of Short-Period Superlattices
    E G Starodubtsev
  23. Reflection From Soft And Hard Surface Coated With Chiral Medium
    A J Viitanen and P P Puska
  24. Size Effect For Effective Permittivity Of Composites
    A P Vinogradov, K N Rozanov and D P Makhnovskiy
Despite agreeing to provide a poster for presentation, a small number of authors have failed to do so. This affects the contributions by Knyaz, by Mityurich and Astakhov and by Torres-Silva. Their manuscripts appear in the Proceedings but will not be displayed.

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