Bianisotropy And Bianisotropics'97 - A Perspective
W S Weiglhofer
pages 23-26 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Fundamental Symmetry Aspects Of Chirality (Invited)
L D Barron
pages 27-30 (no files available)
Measurement Techniques For Characterizing Handed Microwave Media (Invited)
G Busse and A Jacob
pages 31-38 ( postscript file (WinZipped))
The Status Of Experimental Research On Chiral Composites (Invited)
J H Cloete
pages 39-42 (no files available)
A Prototype Chiral Absorber At Microwave Frequencies
J H Cloete, S A Kuehl, S S Grove, E Kuehl, M Bingle and D F Pansegrouw
pages 43-46 (no files available)
Chiral Sections Of Differing Diameter For Circular Waveguide Measurements
G Busse, J Schmitz and A F Jacob
pages 47-50 ( postscript file (WinZipped))
Study Of Reflexion Properties Of Heterogeneous Chiral Materials Under Oblique Incidence
B Sauviac, E Chung, V Vigneras-Lefebvre, F Mariotte, and J P Parneix
pages 51-54 ( postscript file (WinZipped))
Comparison Of Theory And Measurements Of The Properties Of Helix-Loaded Chiral Composites
C R Brewitt-Taylor, P G Lederer and S Haq
pages 55-58 ( postscript file (WinZipped))
Experimentally Observed And Numerically Predicted Scattering Response of Uniaxial Bianisotropic Chiral Material Slabs
K W Whites and C Y Chung
pages 59-62 ( postscript file (WinZipped))
Dali's Dalliances: Sculptured Thin Films (Invited)
A Lakhtakia
pages 63-68 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Thin Film HBMs And Associated Optical Phenomena
K Robbie and M Brett
pages 69-71 ( postscript file (WinZipped))
Axial Excitation Of A Nonlinear Dielectric TFHBM Slab: Second Harmonic Generation
V C Venugopal and A Lakhtakia
pages 73-76 ( dvi file or postscript file (WinZipped))
Nanostructured Chiral Surfaces
K-H Ernst, C F McFadden, N D Spencer, M Mueller, U Mueller and U Ellerbeck
pages 77-80 ( postscript file (WinZipped))
Spatial Dispersion Influence On Acoustic Waves Propagation In Crystals With Chiral Properties Induced By The Rotating Electric Field
S A Khakhomov and I V Semchenko
pages 81-84 ( dvi file or postscript file (WinZipped))
The Maxwell and Adjoint Systems For Complex Media: Physical Significance And Applications
C Altman and K Suchy
pages 85-88 ( dvi file or postscript file)
On The Scattering Of Electromagnetic Waves By A Chiral Obstacle
C Athanasiadis and I G Stratis
pages 89-92 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Waves With Linear, Quadratic And Cubic Coordinate Dependence Of Ampli- tude In Anisotropic And Bianisotropic Slabs
G N Borzdov
pages 93-96 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Theory Of Goos-Haenchen Effect At The Reflection Of Light From Bigyrotropic Interface
S B Borisov, N N Dadoenkova, I L Lyubchanskii and M I Lyubchanskii
pages 97-100 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Nonlinear Electromagnetics And Complex Media (Invited)
J M Arnold
pages 101-104 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Pulse Propagation In Linear And Nonlinear Chiral Media (Invited)
S A Maksimenko and G Y Slepyan
pages 105-110 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Homogenization Of Cubically Nonlinear, Gyrotropic, Composite Media
W S Weiglhofer and A Lakhtakia
pages 111-114 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Electron Transport And Electromagnetic Properties Of Chiral Carbon Nan- otubes
G Y Slepyan, S A Maksimenko, O M Yevtushenko, A Lakhtakia and A V Gusakov
pages 115-118 ( dvi file or postscript file (WinZipped))
Time-Domain Methods For Complex Media (Invited)
G Kristensson
pages 119-124 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Effect of Dissipation On The Constitutive Relations Of Bi-Anisotropic Media - The Optical Response
J Friden, G Kristensson and A H Sihvola
pages 125-128 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Electromagnetic Field Radiated By An Electric Point-Source In The Omega Medium With Circular Cylindrical Symmetry
L Vegni and A Toscano
pages 129-131 ( postscript file (WinZipped))
Diffraction By Dense Array Of Thin Long Spirals
V V Yatsenko and S A Tretyakov
pages 133-136 ( dvi file or postscript file (WinZipped))
Surface Waves At A Plane Interface Of Semi-Infinite Faraday Chiral Media
V V Fisanov and D A Marakasov
pages 137-140 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Optimal Design Using Stratified Bianisotropic Media
M Norgren
pages 141-144 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Effective Properties Of Plane Stratified Bianisotropic Systems
A N Borzdov
pages 145-148 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Dispersion Characteristics Of The Fundamental Modes Of A Coupled Microstrip Line On A Chiral Substrate
G Plaza, F Mesa and M Horno
pages 149-152 (no files available)
1-D And 2-D Microstrip Periodic Structures On The Bianisotropic Substrate
I S Nefedov
pages 153-156 ( dvi file or postscript file (WinZipped))
Analysis Of Solid-Plasma Coaxial Waveguide By The Method Of Lines
K P Ivanov, V I Miteva, R Pregla and W Pascher
pages 157-160 ( postscript file (WinZipped))
Interference Compensation Of Optical Anisotropy Effect On Transmission And Reflection In Uniaxial Crystals
E G Starodubtsev
pages 161-164 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Image Theory Of Complex Media And Structures (Invited)
I V Lindell
pages 165-168 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Electromagnetic Fields In Source Regions Of Bianisotropic Media
W S Weiglhofer
pages 169-172 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Closed Form Green's Functions For Various Scalar Second And Fourth Order Operators
F Olyslager and I V Lindell
pages 173-176 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Field Singularities At Conducting Edges In General Bianisotropic Media
B Jakoby
pages 177-180 ( postscript file (WinZipped))
Progress In The Homogenization Theories Of The Maxwell Equations For In- homogeneous Media (Review Of Russian Works) (Invited)
A P Vinogradov
pages 181-186 (no files available)
Maxwell Garnett And Bruggeman Formalisms For Bianisotropic Particulate Composites -- Review And Numerical Results
B Michel
pages 187-190 ( postscript file (WinZipped))
Homogenisation Problems Of Mixtures Involving Non-Isotropic Constituent Ma- terials
A H Sihvola and I V Lindell
pages 191-194 ( dvi file or postscript file)
Multi-Polarisability Polyadics And Spatial Dispersion Of Bianisotropic And Complex Composite Media
L R Arnaut
pages 195-200 ( postscript file (WinZipped))
Quasistatic Principles In The Theory of Bianisotropic Composites
E O Kamenetskii
pages 201-204 ( dvi file or postscript file)

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