The number of participants (with fluctuations depending on the location of the conference/workshop) has steadily grown and for Bianisotropics'97 an estimated 60 scientists are expected to attend, with a rough geographical breakdown of 20 from Great Britain, 30 from the continental European and Former Soviet Union countries and 10 from other countries. There will be 5-6 half-day sessions comprising 6-8 talks each, on a variety of research concerned with theory and applications of complex media pertaining to electromagnetics. Each half-day session will start with two Special Talks. Furthermore, a round-table discussion will be conducted to scrutinize most recent research. Proceedings, comprising all contributed papers and special talks, will be available at the start of the conference/workshop. It is hoped that a major archival journal agrees to publishing a special journal issue highlighting the conference/workshop. In that case selected authors will be invited to submit full papers based on their conference/workshop contribution which will then be subjected to the usual review/editorial process.

Special talks

The following outstanding individuals have been invited to provide Special Talks at the conference/workshop and, at this time, all have preliminarily accepted the invitation. The purpose of these selected talks is threefold: first, to bring high-profile researchers to the international conference and workshop; second, to review selected, important areas of research; and third, to bring new, exciting ideas into the arena of discussions. Invited speakers and their Special Talks:

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