I have been supervising three Master students at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Ghana in April 2016. Picture of my Master students

From left to right, Amadou Keita from Gambia (Representation Theory of sl_n: The Gelfand-Tsetlin pattern), Kunda Kambaso from Zambia (The degenerate flag variety via Plücker relations), and George Balla from Uganda (Toric degenerations of the Grassmannian of planes).

For anyone interested in the AIMS program and history, there is a wonderful talk by the founder Neil Turok. Of course I am more than happy to share my experience if you are interested in lecturing or supervising students at the various AIMS centers. And if all the concept and dream of the AIMS is not yet enough for you, here is some extra motivation: the AIMS center and the view from your potential office at AIMS, Ghana...

The AIMS center The view from the office