Isle of Islay, Scotland
19th-24th July 1999

These pages are intended as a record of the activity, both scientific and non-scientific, at this conference.


The (rather forced) acronym ISLAND (Integrable Systems: Linear And Nonlinear Dynamics) has been chosen for this intended series of meetings not only to convey a general indication of the topics to be discussed but also to indicate the nature of the venues chosen. The key features of these meetings

are meant to foster a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and so encourage interaction between participants.

What ISLAND 1?

The Machrie Hotel near Port Ellen on Islay was chosen as the venue ISLAND 1. Islay, although one of the more accessible Hebridean islands, is a very peaceful place and has the added interest of some of the most famous (and best) whisky distilleries. Participants had ample opportunity (see Events) to learn about and sample some of these whiskies. The hotel's isolated location, and the excellent facilities they provided, helped greatly to create the atmosphere we hoped for.

It is intended that a second conference called, rather predicatably, ISLAND 2 will take place in June or July 2003. The precise dates and venue for this is yet to be decided; if a venue which can match the facilities and location of the Machrie is not found, it will at the Machrie again.

The scientific focus of ISLAND 1 was on Darboux transformations and the bilinear method. Details of the talks and posters presented are given here. Suggestions for topics to provide the focus of ISLAND 2 are welcome.


ISLAND 1 was supported financially by the London Mathematical Society, the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow.