Glasgow Mathematical Journal : Volume 43A June 2001

ISLAND 1: Islay 1999

Integrable Systems: Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics

Chris Athorne Hirota derivatives and representation theory
Robert Conte and Micheline Musette Bäcklund transformations from Painlevé analysis
P.R.Gordoa, N.Joshi and A.Pickering Truncation-type methods and Bäcklund transformations for ordinary differential equations: the third and fifth Painlevé equations
Ryogo Hirota, Masataka Iwo and Satoshi Tsujimoto Soliton equations exhibiting Pfaffian solutions
Xing-Biao Hu and Hon-Wah Tam Application of bilinear method to integrable differential-difference equations
F.Lambert, S.Leble and J.Springael Binary Bell polynomials and Darboux covariant Lax pairs
A.J.Morrison and E.J.Parkes The N-soliton solution of a generalised Vakhnenko equation
A.Nagai, T.Tokihiro and J.Satsuma Conserved quantitities of box and ball system
Y.Ohta, J.J.C.Nimmo and C.R.Gilson A bilinear approach to a Pfaffian self-dual Yang-Mills equation
F.W.Nijhoff and A.J.Walker The discrete and continuous Painlevé VI hierarchy and the Garnier systems

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26th July 2001