Flights to and from Islay

Islay has a small airport with flights to and from Glasgow International Airport. These are limited in number and can be expensive unless booked early. The flight schedule may be affected by the weather.

Coach to and from Islay

A coach and ferry transfer we will organised leaving from the University of Glasgow early on the afternoon of 2nd July. It will get back to Glasgow (sea and road conditions permitting) by 16:00 on 7th July.

If you wish to take the coach you should plan to arrive in Glasgow by 12:00 on the 2nd or, if that is impossible, please plan to arrive the day before. Similarly, we do not recommend you book flights which depart any earlier than 18:00 on 7th July.

The cost will be approximately £30, including the cost of the ferry.

Accepted participants may view additional information here, using the userid and password supplied by email.

If you have any questions about travel arrangements please contact us.