Research in Mathematical Biology

Research in Mathematical Biology

Mathematical Biology is the application of mathematical modelling to solve problems in biology and physiology. It is one of the fastest growing research areas in mathematics and is contributing significantly to our understanding of the biological world and the processes in disease. It also produces new mathematical questions.

The Mathematical Biology Group in the Department of Mathematics has eight academic members of staff. Our research interests are summarised here, but the list is not exhaustive and new projects are being started all the time. For more information and contact details, click on the links below.

The Centre for Mathematics Applied to the Life Sciences has been established to promote interdisciplinary research and scholarship in Mathematical Biology. It is a joint centre of the Universities of Glasgow and Strathclyde, under the Synergy agreement.

Research interests

Dr Martin Bees
 (EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow)

Biological control of pests,
Bacterial pattern formation
Plankton patchiness

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Dr Christina Cobbold

Arterial disease
Host-parasitoid population dynamics
Spatial ecology
Wound healing

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Professor Nick Hill

Arterial disease
Circulation of blood
Plant population dynamics
Random walks and animal movement

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Dr Xiaoyu Luo

Arterial disease
Computational Biomechanics
Flow in airways
Fluid/structure interaction (FSI)
Gall bladder diseases
Heart valves

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Professor Kenneth Lindsay


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Professor Ray Ogden FRS

Mechanics of biological tissues

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Dr Radostin Simitev

Waves in cardiac tissue

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Dr Tianhai Tian
 (Lord Kelvin Fellow)

Stochastic modelling of biological systems (genetic networks and cellular processes)

Stochastic simulation algorithms for discrete biological systems

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The Mathematical Biology Workshop meets weekly during lunch times and provides an informal opportunity to discuss current research for students and staff.

The Applied Mathematics Seminar is held regularly during term time, normally on Thursday's at 2pm. Each year's programme welcomes speakers from throughout the UK as well as speakers from within the Department, including visitors from overseas. Additionally, our research students participate in the Postgraduate Seminar.