Mathematics 2Q: Groups, symmetry and fractals

The aim of this course is to introduce some basic 2 and 3-dimensional geometry, including ideas and applications of symmetry and symmetry groups and elementary notions of fractals. See Aims and Objectives for a more detailed description. Various documents, such as problem sheets and solutions, will be made available here as they become available.

Lectures, tutorials and office hours

Class test

This takes place in the lecture time on Thursday 15th April, beginning at 12.05 and finishing at 12.50, in room 325.

Students are reminded that attendance during the class test is necessary to obtain credit for the course. In case of absences for good reason, supporting documentation must be submitted as soon as possible after the event.

The material to be tested will include everything in the Notes up to and including Chapter 2 Section 4 Symmetry groups of plane figures. The style of questions will be similar to those in the past few years (copies of last year's test were distributed in lectures.

Lecture Notes

Notes for Mathematics 2Q: Groups, symmetry and fractals (printed copies available from the General Office, room 328). N.B. The version here contains all corrections made from 26/01/2004 onwards - please email me any other errors you find or suggestions for improving these notes.

Solutions for exercises

Past class tests and degree exams

Handouts, etc

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