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I am an Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the School of Mathematics & Statistics of the University of Glasgow. Most of the links below are mathematical and especially related to Algebraic Topology which is my main research area.

I set up and maintain the
British Topology Home Page

Richard Huish Home Page (my old school)

Mathematical events I am or was involved in organising

Banff workshop: Operations in Highly Structured Homology Theories 22nd-29th May 2016

Stable Homotopy Theory: Structured Ring Spectra and Their Invariants 3rd-5th September 2014, University of Manchester

Structured Ring Spectra -- TNG:1st to 5th August 2011, Hamburg, Germany.

Banff workshop: New Topological Contexts for Galois Theory and Algebraic Geometry 9th-14th March 2008 (photo)

Proceedings: Andrew Baker & Birgit Richter (editors), New topological contexts for Galois theory and algebraic geometry (BIRS 2008), Geometry & Topology Monographs vol. 16, Geometry & Topology Publications, Mathematical Sciences Publishers, 2009.

Workshop on structured ring spectra and their applications
21-25 January 2002

Workshop on Structured Ring Spectra
20-24 September 2004

Moonshine - the First Quarter Century and Beyond
5-13 July 2004
Some photographs taken by Chris Eilbeck during the workshop

Moonshine - The First Quarter Century and Beyond: Proceedings of a Workshop on the Moonshine Conjectures and Vertex Algebras, edited by J. Lepowsky, J. McKay & M. P. Tuite.

Mathematical publications and preprints

Some reviews

Mathematically related Pages


Organisations and things I support

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