Workshop on structured ring spectra and their applications

Organisers A. Baker & B. Richter

To be held at the University of Glasgow, 21-25 January 2002


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This workshop aims to provide a short series of introductory lectures on structured ring spectra and their applications suitable for graduate students and other mathematicians and to bring together experts from within and outwith Britain and encourage their interaction. The programme of the meeting will include morning sessions consisting of short sequences of lectures by invited speakers, and afternoon sessions with talks on current research activity.

Context and history

The past decade has seen a major rebuilding of the foundations of stable homotopy theory involving the construction of new enriched stable categories and the resulting structured ring spectra and their modules. Although some applications of these were already in progress and indeed motivated their development, there is no doubt that stable homotopy theory is now much better equipped to pursue both internal algebraicisation of many of its traditional objects of study and also to make stronger contact with other subject areas such as algebraic K-theory, Hochschild cohomology, cyclic cohomology, modular forms (relating to elliptic cohomology) and so on.

Although much of the work on these foundational issues has taken place in North America, particularly that involving centring around Peter May and his coworkers, there has always been substantial European interest and activity in this area. An important aim of this Workshop is to bring together experts from both sides of the Atlantic to engage in further development of these areas and to disseminate it to graduate students and others wishing to learn about it. An important outcome would be to prepare European topologists for a sequence of topology conferences and workshops taking place at Northwestern University, Barcelona, Århus, and the Isaac Newton Institute during 2002.


Expected participants


M. Basterra, C. Casacuberta, A. Elmendorf, J. Greenlees, J. Hunton, R. Jardine, A. Jeanneret, M. Joachim, A. Lazarev, A. Robinson, O. Roendigs, S. Schwede, N. Strickland

Other participants

A. Baker, G. Biedermann, M. Crossley, I. Galvez, H. Gilmour, G. Ginot ,V. Grujic, J. Gutierrez, H. Kittang, T. Macko, R. McCarthy, T. Panov, B. Richter, R. Steiner, S. Whitehouse, S. Wuethrich


Funding and support

So far we have obtained funding from the London and Edinburgh Mathematical Societies and the Glasgow Mathematical Society Trust. We aim to pay full travel and accommodation costs of the invited morning speakers and partial support for other participants, with an emphasis on people at early stages of their career as well as research students from Britain and abroad. We have funding from LMS for supporting UK based graduate students.

Taking part

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Andy Baker ( It would be helpful if you could answer the following questions.




Status (e.g., graduate student/recent PhD/…):

Relevant areas of interest:

Funding requirements (e.g., no support required/accommodation/travel/…):

Level of participation (talk offered/listening only/…):

Likely accommodation requirements (e.g., none/5 nights/…):


Travel to and from Glasgow

Glasgow has excellent travel links with the rest of Britain (by train and air) and the rest of the world (by train including Eurostar from London, and air from Glasgow or Edinburgh and via other British airports and hubs such as Amsterdam and Brussels).


I will arrange suitable accommodation in university residences and local hotels. Details will appear in the new year.

Social Activities

There will be some events during the week. There will be a Workshop Banquet in a local restaurant on the Thursday evening. If there is enough demand, there will an excursion up the west coast to Loch Lomond and Loch Fyne, with a dinner at a seafood restaurant near Inverary.


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