I started my PhD at the University of Glasgow in September 2014. I am being supervised by Dr. Christian Voigt, and I am working on understanding the K-theory of quantum groups.

You'll find more about what I do below. I hope to add some more content soon!

My Work


  1. July 2016 - Universität Münster, Young Mathematicians in C*-Algebras (YMC*A)Continuous Fields of C*-Algebras [slides]

  2. April 2016 - Queens University Belfast, Young Functional Analysts WorkshopAn Introduction to Quantum Groups [slides]

  3. November 2015 - University of Cambridge, Research in the UK AfternoonOn the -theory of Complex Quantum Groups

  4. November 2015 - University of Glasgow, Analysis Working GroupThe Quantum Disc

  5. October 2015 - University of Glasgow, Postgraduate SeminarAmenable Groups

  6. May 2015 - ICMS, Edinburgh, Postgraduate ColloquiumCompact Riemann Surfaces

  7. April 2015 - University of Glasgow, Postgraduate Seminar

  8. December 2014 - University of Glasgow, Analysis Working Group Irreducible Representations of

  9. June 2014 - University of SouthamptonCompact Riemann Surfaces [slides]

  10. March 2014 - University of Southampton, Undergraduate SeminarComplex Functions and Riemann Surfaces [slides]

  11. June 2013 - University of SouthamptonRiemann Surfaces, Sheaf Cohomology and Dolbeault's Theorem [slides]


In my second year at the University of Southampton, I was an undergraduate marker for Linear Algebra II. In my third and fourth year, I was an undergraduate tutor in the weekly first year workshops.

Currently I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Glasgow. I have tutored most of the second year courses (A, B, D, E, F). If you are in one of my tutorials, I am happy to answer any questions you might have. You can find my contact details below.

I was a lecturer at the University of Glagsow Summer School in 2016. This was a course for high school students to bridge the gap to university.

Undergraduate Projects

In my third and fourth years at the University of Southampton, I was supervised by Dr. Bernhard Koeck in two projects on Riemann surfaces. As well as giving me a taste of this fascinating area of complex function theory, these projects also exposed me to some beautiful applications of complex and functional analysis.

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