Visitors' Programme in Integrable Systems

May 29th - June 10th 2006

Department of Mathematics, University of Glasgow, UK

The Mathematics department at Glasgow is supporting visits by international research workers in the field of Integrable Systems during the first fortnight of June 2006. This is for the purposes of mutual collaboration with each other and with members of the local research group here in Glasgow. On June 5th there will be an LMS funded one day meeting in the classical and quantum integrable systems series at which some of these visitors will speak. Travel expenses and accommodation, at the Heritage Hotel, near the Department, as well as a daily allowance in accordance with LMS guidelines will be provided.

Other visitors during the period are most welcome. There may be small amounts of funding available and interested parties should contact one of the organisers: Chris Athorne, Misha Feigin, Claire Gilson, Jon Nimmo or Ian Strachan

The table below summarises visitor information. Another table describes the timetable of the programme.

Visitor Affiliation Duration of visit
Maciej Blaszak Posnan 4th to 8th June
Masashi Hamanaka Nagoya/Oxford 4th to 7th June
Alexey Kokotov Concordia 5th to 12th June
Sara Lombardo Amsterdam 2nd to 8th June
Vladimir Novikov Kent 3rd to 8th June
Yasuhiro Ohta Kobe, Japan 31st May to 18th June
Maxim Pavlov Moscow/Loughborough 4th to 9th June
Jan Sanders Amsterdam 29th May to 6th June
Sergei Silvestrov Lund, Sweden 4th to 12th June
Sergei Smirnov Moscow State 3rd to 10th June