The research group described by the title Non-linear Differential Equations here in the Mathematics Department consists of Drs. Chris Athorne, Liana David, Claire Gilson , Jon Nimmo and Ian Strachan. Together and individually we work on aspects of integrable systems and related areas, specifically: exact soliton solutions, bilinear methods, discrete transformation theory (Darboux type transformations) and discrete systems, Hamiltonian systems, Lie symmetry theory, algebraic structures and the geometry of integrable systems, on Frobenius manifolds and systems of hydrodynamic type. The links to staff web pages on the left also includes people working here on non-linear differential equations and related areas in other contexts.

We interface with the other research groups in the department, particularly the Geometry and Algebra groups and have close links with groups in other Universities in the UK, and outside the UK.

We organise a regular conference series under the acronym ISLAND.

This site provides more detailed information on the above topics, summarised in the Site Contents to the left, together with contact details. In addition we include details of past and present research students and suggested research topics for prospective students, links to the literature and other sites of immediate interest. (Note that access to published material generally depends upon subscription.)