School fees.

The fees for the research school are handled directly by the LMS. They have already collected these from your home university.

The summer school can cover up to £100 travel expenses for getting to and from Glasgow. In order to claim back your expenses please:

  • Go to the website and download the correct form.
  • If you have a United Kingdom bank account please download and complete the form "Sundry Payee Form". If you do not have a United Kingdom bank account, please download and complete the form "Foreign Payments Form".
  • I would strongly suggest you select "BACS" (which means that the university will pay the amount directly into your account) instead of "Cheque" which can take a long time to arrive by post.
  • Email the completed form AND an eletronic copy of every receipt to me (Gwyn Bellamy) at Gwyn.Bellamy [@]
  • If you only have a physical copy of your receipts, please come and find me and I can scan them for you. Similarly, if you do not have an electronic copy of your signature, I can print off a copy of the form for you to sign.
  • Make sure that you have submitted your expense form BEFORE the end of the summer school.


The research school is funded by the London Mathematical Society.