Welcome to the Glasgow node of the


Classical and Quantum Integrability Network


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This network, funded by the London Mathematical Society, links together the Integrable Systems and Mathematical Physics groups at Edinburgh, Glasgow, Heriot-Watt, Leeds and Loughbourgh. The network’s main webpage is located here, where dates of the meetings are held.


Details of previous meetings organised by the Glasgow node:


2003-2004       (programme)


2004-2005       (programme)


2005-2006       (programme)


2006-2007       (programme)               (This was a joint workshop with the ARTIN network.)


2007-2008       (programme)


2008-2009       (programme)               (Organised by Dr Misha Feigin)


Local Organiser:          Ian Strachan (Glasgow):                     

Tel:                              0141 – 330 – 2479                             

e-mail:             i.strachan@maths.gla.ac.uk                

Address:                      Dept. of Mathematics                                               

University of Glasgow                                                                      

Glasgow, G12 8QW                          


Fax:                             +44 141 333 4111                                          


Updated 1st April 2008