PhD Students:


Current Students:


08 – 12            Ewan Morrison          



Past Students


04-07               James Ferguson

                        Thesis title: Geometric structures on the tangent space of Hamiltonian evolution equations


02-06               Andrew Riley

Thesis title: Frobenius manifolds: caustic submanifolds and discriminant almost duality


01-01                      Oscar McCarthy

Thesis title: Dispersionless Integrable Systems of KdV type


01-06               Kevin Baron

Thesis title: Deformations of equations of hydrodynamic type



Research Assistants/Long-term Visitors:


97-99               Dr James Grant

EPSRC Grant title: The geometry of dispersive and dispersionless integrable systems.


02-04               Dr Liana David

EPSRC Grant title: Frobenius manifolds: submanifolds, the isomonodromic tau-function and deformations of hydrodynamic systems.


08-10               Dr Blazej Szablikowski

Marie-Curie Research Fellow

Grant title: GAINS: Geometric Aspects of Integrable Nonlinear Systems


10-10               Dr Liana David

EPSRC Grant title: Singular structures in Frobenius and tt* geometry