Michael Wemyss (pronounced `Weemz')

I am The Chair of Mathematics at the University of Glasgow since 2016. I obtained my PhD from Bristol in 2008, was a postdoc in Nagoya and Oxford, then for six years I was in Edinburgh.

I currently hold/serve as:

My main research interests are in algebraic geometry and its interactions, principally between noncommutative and homological algebra, resolutions of singularities, and the minimal model program. In the process of doing this, I have research interests in all related structures, including: deformation theory, derived categories, stability conditions, associated commutative and homological structures and their representation theory, curve invariants, McKay correspondence, Cohen--Macaulay modules, finite dimensional algebras and cluster-tilting theory. I received an LMS Whitehead Prize in 2017, and shared the Adams Prize in 2020. I am a member of Core Structures @ Glasgow, which encompasses the Algebra, Analysis, and Geometry & Topology groups here, together with faculty across Glasgow with related mathematical interests.

I currently advise PhD students Sarah, Caro , Brian, Sam, Zhang, Marina and Charlotte, and I mentor RAs Wahei, Ana and Franco. I am always interested in hearing from potential PhD students and postdocs, so feel free to contact me directly, or see the up-date information about supervision opportunities for both me and the wider group at our available supervisors page, and our positions page.

My Publications and Preprints


A conference in celebration of the 60th Birthday of Bill Crawley-Boevey, September 2021, University of Manchester, UK.

GLEN, ARTIN, Algebra, G&T, Maximals, Edge.