• University of Glasgow: 25-29 Aug, 1-5 Sept, 2014.
  • University of Glasgow: 25-29 Aug, 1-5 Sept, 2014.


The conference will run from Monday 1 Sept to Friday 5 Sept. The Monday talks will take place in the Mathematics Building (515). From Tuesday onwards, talks will be in the Davidson Lecture Theatre 208 (in the Davidson building --- B1 on the campus map) and will focus on recent developments in the structure and classification of C*-algebras; connections to dynamics and topology and other related areas. The participant list can be found here.


Sara Arklint (Corners and other hereditary subalgebras of graph C*-algebras)
Rasmus Bentman (A more general method to classify upto equivariant KK-equivalence)
Joachim Cuntz (Index theorems in the framework of bivariant KK-theory)
Marius Dadarlat (The Brauer group of strongly-selfabsorbing C*-algebras)
Siegfried Echterhoff (On the K-theory for exotic crossed products)
Søren Eilers (Morita equivalent of unital, real rank zero graph algebras is decideable)
George Elliott (Applications of the Cuntz semigroup)
Gwion Evans (Investigating the structure of simple higher-rank graph C*-algebras)
Ilan Hirshberg (Rokhlin flows and nuclear dimension)
Eberhard Kirchberg (TBA)
David Kerr (Classifying C*-crossed products: a view from ergodic theory)
Nadia Larsen (C*-algebras of right LCM semigroups)
Xin Li (Amenability and the Liouville property)
Ping Ng (Simple C*-algebras with quasicontinuous scale)
Zhuang Niu (A classification of approximately subhomogeneous C*-algebras)
Narutaka Ozawa (Noncommutative real algebraic geometry of Kazhdan's property (T))
David Pask (Dynamical systems and graph C*-algebras)
Francesc Perera (Tensor products in the category Cu and structure of Cu-semirings)
N. Christopher Phillips (Large subalgebras of crossed products and applications)
Yasuhiko Sato (Elementary amenable groups are quasidiagonal)
Adian Sims (Kirchberg algebras in the UCT class have nuclear dimension 1)
Karen Strung(On the classification of C*-algebras of minimal dynamical systems of a product of a Cantor set and an odd dimensional sphere)
Yuhei Suzuki (Realization of hyperbolic group C*-algebras as a decreasing intersection of Cuntz algebras O2)
Gabor Szabo )Rokhlin dimension for certain residually finite groups)
Anne Thomas (TBA)
Aaron Tikuisis (Topological dimension of approximately subhomogeneous C*-algebras)
Andrew Toms (TBA)


The conference schedule can be found in pdf form here and titles and abstracts here.

Mon 1 Sept
9:00 Registration and coffee (Maths Common Room)
9:30 Dadarlat (Maths 515)
10:30 Niu (Maths 515)
11:00 Coffee (Maths Common Room)
11:30 Elliott (Maths 515)
12:15 Lunch (QM Union)
14:00 Bentmann (Maths 515)
14:45 Larsen (Maths 515)
15:15 Coffee (Maths Common Room)
15:45 Ng (Maths 515)
16:30 Sims (Maths 515)
17:15 Wine reception (Maths Common Room)

Tues 2 Sept
9:30 Kerr (Davidson 208)
10:30 Li (Davidson 208)
11:00 Coffee (Wolfson Link Courtyard)
11:30 Toms (Wolfson link courtyard)
12:15 Lunch (QM Union)
14:00 Arklint (Davidson 208)
14:45 Suzuki (Davidson 208)
15:15 Coffee (Wolfson Link Courtyard)
15:45 Hirshberg (Davidson Link Courtyard)
16:30 Tikusis (Davidson 208)

Wed 3 Sept
9:30 Eilers (Davidson 208)
10:30 Pask (Davidson 208)
11:00 Coffee (Wolfson Link Courtyard)
11:30 Kirchberg (Davidson 208)
12:15 Lunch (QM Union)

Thus 4 Sept
9:30 Echterhoff (Davidson 208)
10:30 Thomas (Davidson 208)
11:00 Coffee (Wolfson Link Courtyard)
11:30 Cuntz (Wolfson link courtyard)
12:15 Lunch (QM Union)
14:00 Perera (Davidson 208)
14:45 Evans (Davidson 208)
15:15 Coffee (Wolfson Link Courtyard)
15:45 Strung (Davidson Link Courtyard)
16:30 Szabo (Davidson 208)
19:30 Conference Dinner (Oran Mor)

Fri Sept
9:30 Ozawa (Davidson 208)
10:30 Sato (Davidson 208)
11:15 Coffee (Wolfson Link Courtyard)
11:45 Phillips (Wolfson link courtyard)
12:30 Lunch (QM Union)