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Morning bells from the Xian Wild-Goose Pagoda, by my father, Mr. G.S. Luo.

Here is my two-page academic CV.

I grew up in Xi'an, an ancient and beautiful capital of China, with most of my family being artists. I tried drawing and music in my teens, but switched interests to mathematics in 1977 when the opportunity to attend University arose. The alternative was "Joining the peasantry!" In 1978 after being a runner up in the Xi'an High School Mathematics Competition and a winner of the National Mathematics Competition later that year, I accepted an unconditional offer from Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU) to study theoretical mechanics. I obtained my BEng (1982) and MSc (1985) degrees at XJTU with top grades, and took a lectureship at XJTU in 1985.

Between 1987-1990, I did a PhD study on blood flow in arteries. Funded by the World Bank I visited the UK for one year as part of the joint PhD program. This gave me a chance to perform experiments on fluid mechanics at the Department of Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering at the University of Sheffield. , where I learnt to speak English and became interested in biomechanics. In 1990, I became the first female Ph.D graduate in XJTU, and was also awarded the "Tang ZhaoQian Scholarship" of the year. I became an associate Professor two years later.

In 1992, I took up a post-doctorial research fellowship with Professor T J Pedley, FRS, at the University of Leeds, UK, and worked on fluid flow in collapsible tubes. Together we studied some interesting phenomena, such as flow limitation, and self-excited oscillations. A few years later, I became a lecturer at the Department of Engineering, Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London, and continued my research on collapsible tube flows. I moved to the University of Sheffield in 1990, and worked as a lecturer/SL at the Department of Mechanical Engineering. I stayed in Sheffield for 5 years, and began to build up a team and widened my research interests to include heart valves, airways, and gallbladders. I became a Fellow of IMechE in 2004.

Presently I am a professor at the School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Glasgow. I was elected to a Fellowship of Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2014. Over the years, my research has been focused on nonlinear mechanics of the heart and soft tissues, as well as fluid-structure interaction. My current projects include the modelling of the myocardial infarction, aortic dissection, MRI-based heart and mitral valve modelling with FSI, modelling of the eyes, flow in flexible vessels, single cell modelling, growth and remodelling, and nano-particle treatment in cancer. In 2016, my colleagues and I set up an EPSRC centre of Mathematics for Healthcare: SofTMech

Apart from work, I enjoy reading, hiking, running, cycling, badminton, yoga, cooking, and travelling.

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