Our group are engaged in various outreach activities, including:

  • As a STEM Ambassador, Andy Wand creates and delivers presentations to local schools, introducing students to concepts such as non-Euclidean geometries, and disproving the Pythagorean Theorem. Ask him about constructing your very own Hyperbolic Space Generator!
  • Our members participate in the annual Glasgow Science festival.
  • Our members present Royal Institution Masterclasses for S3 students on Saturday mornings in the Autumn term.
  • Tara Brendle is a member of Making Maths Count, a Scottish government profile-raising group.
  • We are actively involved in Maths Week Scotland, and ran events throughout 11--17th September 2017, including an open doors day, a secondary schools event and a public lecture by Heather Reid.

If you are interested in engaging with us, from arranging potential school visits to any other outreach activities, please contact one of our members.

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