In alphabetical order, linked to staff expertise, our specific research interests include:

  • Algebraic Geometry, including its interactions with neighbouring fields (Sofos, Wemyss)
  • Algebraic Number Theory, particularly Arithmetic Statistics (Bartel)
  • Algebraic Topology (Baker, Stevenson)
  • Analytic Number Theory (Sofos)
  • Arithmetic Geometry (Sofos)
  • Braid groups (Brendle)
  • Birational Geometry (Wemyss)
  • Cluster and Quantum Cluster Algebras (Gratz, Korff, Wemyss)
  • Cohen-Lenstra heuristics (Bartel)
  • Combinatorics (Bellamy, Meeks)
  • Curve counting (DT/GW) invariants (Wemyss)
  • Derived Categories and Moduli Spaces (Bellamy, Stevenson, Wemyss)
  • Differential Geometry of Manifolds (Feigin, Strachan)
  • Differential Graded Categories and Noncommutative Motives (Stevenson)
  • Elliptic Curves (Bartel)
  • Geometric Group Theory (Brendle)
  • Graph Theory (Meeks)
  • Homological and Commutative Algebra (Baker, Bellamy, Feigin, Gratz, Stevenson, Wemyss)
  • Knots and Links (Owens)
  • Noncommutative Geometry (Voigt, Whittaker, White, Zacharias)
  • Noncommutative Ring Theory (Brown)
  • Operator Algebras (Voigt, Whittaker, White, Zacharias)
  • Symplectic Geometry and Topology (Bellamy, Wand)
  • Representation Theory related to: Combinatorics, Lie theory, Mathematical Physics and Number Theory (Bartel, Bellamy, Feigin, Gratz, Korff)
  • Representation Theory of Finite Dimensional Algebras (Gratz, Stevenson)
  • Teichmuller Theory (Gadre)
  • Topological dynamical systems (Gadre, Whittaker)
  • Topology, with links to low-dimensional geometry (Brendle, Owens, Wand)

Conversely, our expertise listed by our members' names is available.

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