This is not intended as a comprehensive list, just a very personal selection of books which appeal to me.

Cabri Links

The definitive list of Cabri links is at the Cabri Home Page Cabri links

My favourite is abraCAdaBRI. This now includes hyperbolic geometry

Another site worth a visit is Tim Lister's Cabri Page.
There are some very nice Cabri macros to let you explore the hyperbolic plane.
The site provides really good documentation.

An alternative toolbar for hyperbolic geometry may be obtained from Hyperbolic Menus has French help messages has English messages.

abraJava is part of the abraCAdaBRI site devoted to CabriJava.

Major Geometry Sites

A cultural experience related to Mathematics

Museum of Mathematics Note. It's in Italian

Limited English Version

The Italian version has a wonderful collection of mathematical machines,
with animations in Cabri and Java to show how they work.
Great on conics!

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