Intoduction to Cabri

These pages are based on Cabri II, a geometry program whose main feature is that it is dynamic. When one part of a figure is moved, then all parts dependent on that also move.

For example, if the point A in the figure on the right is moved along the ellipse, then the lines through A are redrawn, and the relevant intersections updated.
The picure illustrates Pascal's Theorem which states that P, Q and R are always collinear.
The image is a screen shot of a Cabri session, you can't drag the points around!

For more information on the program, see the Cabri Home Page
You can download a demo version for WINDOWS or MAC From this site. The demo runs for only 15 minutes each session. Also, saving and printing are disabled.

To order Cabri in the UK, contact Philip Yorke of Chartwell-Yorke.

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