Index of Pages on Triangle Centres

More than eighteen points on the "nine-point" conic
Proofs of the main theorems on the nine-point conic
Antipodal points on the nine-point conic
Some dualities and other mappings
more notes on the nine-point conic
notes on the centre of a nine-point conic
notes on nine-point circles

circumcevian points and invariants
pedal and antipedal points and invariants
the euler-brocard-jerabek net
two brocard pencils of circumcevian invariants

cubics invariant under hirst inversion
isoconjugation and the cubics cK(#F,R)
short note on cubics inverse in the circumcircle


19/04/2006 The Lucas Cubic and a generalisation
27/04/2006 Hirst Inversion - the Kimberling definition

18/05/2006 notes on inconics - part 1
19/05/2006 notes on inconics - part 2

19/05/2006 I(D), a remarkable inconic
21/05/2006 notes on the generalized orthopole

02/06/2006 more on the classical orthopole
06/06/2006 inconic intersections and desmic structures

03/07/2006 notes on inconics - part 3
03/07/2006 notes on inconics - part 4
03/07/2006 notes on parabolas

20/02/2007 generalized orthologic triangles
20/02/2007 non-pivotal cubics with general harmonic homology
25/02/2007 non-pivotal cubics with special harmonic homology

09/03/2007 triples of pivotal isocubics
13/03/2007 simson lines and isogonal non-pivotal cubics
13/03/2007 isogonal non-pivotal cubics and the points Ω and ω
13/03/2007 harmonic definitions of a non-pivotal isocubic