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I am an Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the School of Mathematics & Statistics of the University of Glasgow. Most of the links below are mathematical and especially related to Algebraic Topology which is my main research area.

British Topology Home Page

Mathematical events I was involved in organising

Banff workshop: Operations in Highly Structured Homology Theories 22nd-29th May 2016

Stable Homotopy Theory: Structured Ring Spectra and Their Invariants 3rd-5th September 2014, University of Manchester

Structured Ring Spectra -- TNG:1st to 5th August 2011, Hamburg, Germany.

Banff workshop: New Topological Contexts for Galois Theory and Algebraic Geometry 9th-14th March 2008 (photo)

Proceedings: Andrew Baker & Birgit Richter (editors), New topological contexts for Galois theory and algebraic geometry (BIRS 2008), Geometry & Topology Monographs vol. 16, Geometry & Topology Publications, Mathematical Sciences Publishers, 2009.

Workshop on structured ring spectra and their applications
21-25 January 2002

Workshop on Structured Ring Spectra
20-24 September 2004

Moonshine - the First Quarter Century and Beyond

5-13 July 2004
Some photographs taken by Chris Eilbeck during the workshop

Moonshine - The First Quarter Century and Beyond: Proceedings of a Workshop on the Moonshine Conjectures and Vertex Algebras, edited by J. Lepowsky, J. McKay & M. P. Tuite.

Mathematical publications and preprints

Some reviews

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Organisations and things I support

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