Geometric structures on 3 and 4 manifolds

IUC Dubrovnik, June 11 - 15, 2018

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together a diverse range of experts and early-career researchers working in smooth, contact, and symplectic topology in low-dimensions. Points of focus will include contact and symplectic structures, knot concordance, Engel structures and the relation of these to unifying notions such as rigidity and flexibility, and Floer–theoretic frameworks of study.

The workshop will have a strong contingent of early-career researchers, and this will be reflected in the format of talks, which will include many short talks. There will also be discussion sessions scheduled throughout the week.


Participants are encouraged to make travel and lodging reservations as soon as is practical, since Dubrovnik is a popular tourist destination and hotel rooms can become scarce. Lodging options are fairly numerous, through travel sites such as or

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Inanc Baykur, Tom Mark, Gordana Matić, Andy Wand


We gratefully acknowledge support from the EPSRC and the National Science Foundation