Advanced topics in MHD, June 11-15 (2018)

David MacTaggart (Glasgow)
Andrew Hillier (Exeter)
Anthony Yeates (Durham)
Elena Khomenko (IAC)
Etienne Pariat (Meudon)
Nobumitsu Yokoi (Tokyo)


In this school we will study MHD stability theory, magnetic topology, MHD turbulence, magnetic reconnection and how all of these areas are connected in astrophysical and laboratory applications. Our treatment of these topics will go beyond what is normally presented in textbooks (hence the "Advanced" in the title).

This course is ideal for PhD students and postdocs working in MHD and will take place in the beautiful renaissance palace of CISM (Udine, Italy). PhD students can count the school towards course credits required for their doctorates.

Official flyer

The programme for the school, with lecture and registration details, can be found here.


To register for the school, please follow the link here.

Accommodation & Setting

A limited number of participants from universities and research centres who are not supported by their own institutions can be offered free lodging in the CISM guest house. Otherwise they can lodge at the price of 30 euro, per person, per night. Details of the school location can be found here. Also, here is a link to some hotels in Udine with special prices for CISM participants: hotels.


For information related to practical aspects of the school (registration, accommodation, etc.) please contact cism [at] For questions relating to academic content, please contact david.mactaggart [at]