Integrability, algebra and geometry

13 December 2019, University of Glasgow

About the workshop:

A one day workshop at the University of Glasgow aimed to bring together people working in integrable systems from various perspectives, in particular with an emphasis on the interplay with algebra and geometry.




Titles and abstracts

  • Jenya Ferapontov: Quadratic line complexes in mathematical physics
    Quadratic line complex is a hypersurface in the Grassmannian of lines defined by a single quadratic equation in the Plücker coordinates. Quadratic complexes have been extensively investigated in the classical works by Plüucker, Kummer, Klein and many other prominent geometers of the 19-20th centuries. Large part of this theory has nowadays become textbook material. In this talk I will describe two problem of mathematical physics where quadratic complexes naturally occur: Problem 1. Classification of second-order linearly degenerate PDEs. Problem 2. Classification of third-order Hamiltonian operators of differential-geometric type. In both cases, the link to quadratic complexes allows to obtain partial classification results.
  • Andy Hone: TBA
  • Daniele Valeri: TBA


The event is supported by a London Mathematical Society Scheme 9 "Celebrating New Appointments" grant awarded to the organizer, and the School of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Glasgow.




Daniele Valeri

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