Publications and preprints.


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Other work

  • Symplectic singularties and their quantizations. Lecture notes (updated 10/09/2018) on mini-course given at the University of Padova, September 3rd-7th 2018. (pdf)
  • Y grŵp cymesur. Introductory talk given at the Welsh Mathematics Colloquium, Gregynog, 23rd-25th May 2016. (pdf)
  • From Platonic solids to quivers(*). Introductory lecture notes on Platonic solids, reflection groups and quivers, given at the LMS Undergraduate Summer School 2015. (pdf, exercises, solutions)
  • Symplectic reflection algebras. Introductory lecture notes on symplectic reflection algebras. (arXiv)
  • Exercises on rational Cherednik algebras and Catalan combinatorics. These are exercise on rational Cherednik algebras, written for the AIM workshop "Rational Catalan combinatorics". (pdf)
  • Generalized Calogero-Moser spaces and rational Cherednik algebras. PhD thesis, University of Edinburgh. (pdf)
  • Localization in P.I. Rings. 4th year undergraduate project, University of Warwick. (pdf)
For data on fake polynomials of complex reflection groups related to my paper "On singular Calogero-Moser spaces" , click here.

My MathSciNet reviews are avaliable here.

(*) These notes are very rough and contain many mistakes - take everything with a pinch of salt! If you have problems accessing any of the articles referenced in these lecture notes, just send me an email and I can send you a copy.