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My current research interests encompass both noncommutative ring theory and representation theory, and the interactions between these two fields. The topics which I am particularly interested in at present are: quantum groups and quantised function algebras; (infinite dimensional) noetherian Hopf algebras; Poisson orders and symplectic reflection algebras; and homological properties of noncommutative algebras. Further information about the work on some of the above topics currently being done in the Department can be found here.

Publications and preprints.


Slides and references for talk at Antalya Algebra Days, Turkey, May 2007.

Notes for students:

Postgraduate course in Hopf Algebras

·         Lectures 1- 8

The 4H Ring Theory course.

Previous years' exam papers  for the maths department.


The homepage of the North British Quantum Groups Collective. The next meeting is in Edinburgh on May 2nd-3rd, details can be found by clicking here.

A link to the Workshop on Rings.


The fdlist available from Bielefeld.

Robert Marsh's list of people working on quantum groups in the UK.

The photo at the top of the page was taken by Marc Atkins. It is from the "Faces of Mathematics" exhibition produced by Nick Gilbert and Atkins, with funding from EPSRC.




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