Luke Jeffreys

Current Teaching

Graduate Teaching Assistant
University of Glasgow (Sep 2019 - Apr 2020)

Semester 2

ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS 1 Block 4: Differential Calculus and Applications

Semester 1

Mathematics 1
Mathematics 1C: Introduction to calculus

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Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant
University of Glasgow (Sep 2016 - Mar 2019)

Mathematics 1R (Introductory algebra and calculus)
Mathematics 1S (Introductory algebra and calculus)
Mathematics 1Y (Introductory algebra and calculus)
Mathematics 2E: Introduction to Real Analysis
Mathematics 2F: Foundations of Pure Mathematics
Mathematics 3H: Algebra

Teaching Recognition

University of Glasgow Recognising Excellence in Teaching (RET) Associate Fellowship (in alignment with Descriptor 1 of the UKPSF)