ISMP Lunch Seminar - Autumn 2021

Except when indicated otherwise, meetings are on Tuesday from 4pm to 5pm in room 311b, with tea at 3.40pm

(I will try for the meetings to be recorded using Echo360)

Date Speaker Title
5 October Maxime Fairon Ruijsenaars' action-angle duality for integrable systems
12 October (3.30pm) Ekaterina Shemyakova (University of Toledo, USA) On super Plucker embedding and cluster algebras
19 October Maxime Fairon Ruijsenaars duality: More examples
26 October Maxime Fairon / Misha Feigin Ruijsenaars duality (end) / Bispectrality
2 November Misha Feigin Bispectrality
9 November Misha Feigin Bispectrality
16 November Anna Clancy Symmetric Functions and Knutson-Tao Puzzles
23 November - TBA
30 November Daniele Valeri TBA

Some literature relevant to the discussions on dualities can be found in:

I will circulate a OneDrive folder with videos of the recorded seminars.

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