Known typos in notes:

  • p9, fourth line after the table. "Tertahedron" should be "Tetrahedron"
  • Diagram in definition 1.9.1 should contain edges between the vertices!
  • Definition 2.6.1, second last line of p14. The highest power of g should be o(g)-1, not o(g).
  • In section 2.8.1, in the last line "g^n=1, h^2=1" should be "g^n=e, h^2=e"
  • In 5.1.6(3), the "F" should be "k"
  • In 6.4.4(1), final formula, the top part of the fraction should be "9!", not "6!"
  • 7.2.2 proof: on line 1 the "element h" should be "element x"
  • 7.2.2 proof: on lines -3, -5 and -7 the "x^{p}y" should be "x^{p-1}y"

    In the current online lecture notes file, all the above typos have now been corrected.

    Known typos in example sheets:

  • Sheet 1, Q1.3(2). "and write D_n..." should be "and write D_3..."
  • Sheet 2, Q2.14. The intersection should obviously include the H_j
  • Sheet 2, Q2.15. The groups "Z_2, Z_2\times Z_3 and D_3\times Z_3" should be changed to "Z_2, S_3\times Z_2 and S_3\times D_3"
  • Sheet 2, Q2.23, "It clear that" should be "It is clear that"
  • Sheet 2, Q2.23, in the second formula "x" should be replaced by "g", and "y" should be replaced by "h".
  • Sheet 5, Q5.12, the indexing in the set X should be (g_0,g_1,...g_{p-1}). Thus the three times you see (g_1,g_2,...g_p), replace it with (g_0,g_1,...g_{p-1}). The indexing (g_k,g_{k+1},...) is correct.
  • *NEW* In the solution to 2.21, "order seven" should be "order six"