Topology Learning Links

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The homotopy type of the cobordism category - Soren Galatius, Ib Madsen, Ulrike Tillmann, Michael Weiss

Monoids of moduli spaces of manifolds - Soren Galatius, Oscar Randal-Williams

Invertible Topological Field Theories - Christopher Schommer-Pries

The stable moduli space of Riemann surfaces: Mumford's conjecture - Ib Madsen, Michael Weiss

A short exposition of the Madsen Weiss theorem - Allen Hatcher

Lectures on the Madsen Weiss theorem - Soren Galatius

Lecture course on Moduli Spaces of Manifolds - Soren Galatius, Oscar Randal-Williams


Artin groups

K(pi,1) conjecture for Artin groups - Luis Paris

Problems related to Artin groups - Ruth Charney