Cambridge Complex Geometry Afternoon

We are holding a small one-day complex algebraic/differential geometry workshop on the afternoon of Thursday August 11th 2022 at the University of Cambridge. All are welcome to attend, if you are interested in attending please email


Alexia Corradini (École Polytechnique/University of Cambridge)

Lucie Devey (Université Grenoble Alpes)

Theodoros Papazachariou (University of Essex)

All talks will take place in MR4 in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

13:30 Alexia Corradini Equivariant localisation in the theory of Z-stability and Z-critical metrics

15:00 Lucie Devey Stability of toric vector bundles in terms of parliaments of polytopes

16:00 Theodoros Papazachariou K-moduli for log Fano complete intersections

Organisers: Ruadhaí Dervan, Rémi Reboulet