Postgraduate Conference in Complex Geometry

We are holding a junior conference in complex geometry from 9th-11th of September 2015 in the University of Cambridge.

Everyone who wishes to will be given the opportunity to give a talk (until we are full!), and the atmosphere will be informal. There will also be two senior speakers, Mark Gross and Julius Ross.

We hope to have people interested in diverse areas of complex algebraic and analytic geometry, including Kähler-Einstein metrics, birational geometry, mirror symmetry, moduli problems and positivity questions.

Funding (accommodation and partial travel) will be available for postgraduate students based in the UK (unfortunately we cannot fund people based outside of the UK, though they are very welcome to come).

Registration is now closed. For more information, please email: Ruadhaí Dervan

A timetable (including abstracts) is located here, and there is some practical information here.

Organisers: Ruadhaí Dervan, Julius Ross.

With support from the London Mathematical Society and Foundation Compositio.


“LMS” foundation