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notes on the conico-pivotal isocubic cubic notes on this family of cubics.

generalised simson lines and transforms more notes on cubics.

generalised mid-points more notes on cubics.

generalisation of Hirst inverses more notes on cubics.

Some new results - incomplete

hirst type cubics
cubics of hirst and simson type
some examples of cubics
further remarks on cubics of simson type
further results on cubics of hirst type

remarks on harmonic cubics

constructing cubics and nodal tangents

facts about cK0(#F,R)

facts about C137

facts about C147

more about cK0 cubics

quick proofs (incomplete)

working notes

TF - a generalized tripolar centroid based on F

Bernard's generalization of TG

New approach to cK(#F,R)

Text of emails on cK0

Working notes on cK0