Mathematical AstroPhysics Chat (MAP Chat)


  • Siri Chongchitnan (Hull), Primordial Magnetic Fields, 7th May, 4pm, Rm 312 (Kelvin)
  • David MacTaggart (Glasgow), How to make a flux rope - applications of topological fluid dynamics, 12th May, 2pm Rm 325 (Maths & Stats)
  • Thomas Neukirch (St Andrews), 3D Magnetohydrostatic Equilibria, 28th May, 2pm Rm 204 (Maths & Stats)
  • Ciaran Beggan (British Geological Survey), The Ubiquitous Compass – Earth’s magnetic field in the smartphone era, 22nd October, 2pm Rm 522 (Maths & Stats)
  • Jane Pratt (Exeter), MHD modelling of solar wind turbulence and convection in sunspots, 5th November, 4pm, Rm 312 (Kelvin)
  • Chris Davies (Leeds), Models of convection in the Earth's core with lateral variations in boundary heat flow, 12th November, 2pm Rm 204 (Maths & Stats)


  • Mitch Berger (Exeter), Geometry of field lines in elasticity and MHD, 26th May, 2pm Rm 204 (Maths & Stats)
  • Anthony Yeates (Durham), The global distribution of magnetic helicity in the Sun's corona, 29th September, 2pm Rm 522 (Maths & Stats)