M203 Summer Scool Notes

Welcome to Wilson Stothers' Cabri Geometry and Conics Pages

These pages were written to accompany a course in Geometry at the University of Glasgow, but they are also relevant to the Geometry Block in the Open University M203 course.
  • The Geometry Page gives a purely geometric treatment of conics,
    poles, polars and duality. The treatment of duality is thorough.
    The later Theorems go beyond M203, so should be treated as enrichment material.
  • The Algebra Page gives a purely algebraic treatment of the same topics.
    The approach is rather different from M203 - it uses the matrix formulation extensively,
    and treats Joachimsthal solely in homogeneous coordinates
    Again it goes beyond M203.
  • The Classical Theorems Pages illustrate eight theorems you will meet in M203,
    and try to explain how they are related, especially by duality.
  • The Conics Menu Page is for those with access to the Cabri Geometry package.
    Information about Cabri, and a chance to download a demo version appears on the
    Introduction Page.
There are also links to biographies of some famous geometers.

If you want to discuss any aspect of the subject, feel free to
e-mail me at

Good luck in October!

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