Glasgow-Liverpool-Edinburgh-Newcastle (GLEN) algebraic geometry seminar.

Previous Meetings 2014/15:
  • Liverpool, Thursday 25th - Friday 26th June 2015. Schedule with abstracts, Local Webpage. Venue: Walker Lecture Theatre, 1st Floor, Harrison Hughes Building. For directions see here.

    25 June 2015
    12:00 - 1:00 Carmelo Di-Natale (Cambridge) Grassmannians in Derived Algebraic Geometry.
    1:15 - 2:15 Hamid Ahmadinezhad (Bristol) TBA.
    2:15 - 2:45 Tea, coffee, refreshments
    2:45 - 3:45 Alena Pirutka (Paris) Rationality and unirationality - motivation, classical results and the example of Artin and Mumford.
    4:00 - 5:00 Alena Pirutka (Paris) Chow and cohomological diagonal decomposition, universal Chow group and applications to quartic threefolds.
    6:00 Conference Dinner.

    26th June 2015
    12:00 - 1:00 Alena Pirutka (Paris) Around universal cycles and diagonal decomposition.
    1:15 - 2:15 Alena Pirutka (Paris) Other obstructions : non stable rationality of many hypersurfaces.
    2:15 - 2:45 Tea, coffee, refreshments
    2:45 - 3:45 Joe Palacios (Liverpool) Geometric symmetric powers in the stable motivic category.
    4:00 - 5:00 Alice Rizzardo (Edinburgh) An example of a non-Fourier-Mukai functor between derived categories of coherent sheaves.

  • Glasgow, Thursday 5th March 2015. All talks are in the mathematics building, the first in 203, the second in 515 and the third in 416. Abstracts for the talks below can be found here.

    13.00 -- 14.00 Peter Symonds (Manchester), Degree Bounds on Homology and a Conjecture of Derksen.
    14.30 -- 15.30 Diane Maclagan (Warwick), Tropical schemes and valuated matroids
    16.00 -- 17.00 Rodney Sharp (Sheffield), Some uses of the Frobenius skew polynomial ring in prime-characteristic commutative algebra

  • Sheffield, Friday 28th November 2014. Hicks Building, J11. For directions see here and here. Abstracts for the talks below can be found here.

    1.00 -- 2.00 Maxim Smirnov (ICTP), Dubrovin's conjecture for IG(2,6).
    2.30 -- 3.30 Alessio Corti (Imperial), On the Fano/LG correspondence for surfaces.
    4.00 -- 5.00 Alexander Kasprzyk (Imperial), Maximally-mutable Laurent polynomials.

  • Edinburgh, Friday 17th October 2014. Appleton Tower, 2.04. For directions see here.

    1.30--2.30 Paul Johnson (Sheffield) Topology of Hilbert Schemes of points on orbifold surfaces.
    3--4 Johan Martens (Edinburgh), Asymtotics of Witten-Reshetikhin-Turaev Invariants and Moduli of Bundles on Curves.

    The GLEN was be followed by the EMS talk of Trevor Wooley (Bristol) 4.30--5.30, Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 2.

Previous Meetings 2013/14:
  • Edinburgh, Wednesday 11th June 2014. JCMB, room 5215.

    9--10 Kalyan Banerjee (Liverpool), Rational equivalence for algebraic cycles supported on a generic hyperplane section.
    10--11 Agnieszka Bodzenta (Warsaw), Triangulated categories and morphisms of relative dimension one.
    11.30--12.30 Sven Meinhardt (Wuppertal) Donaldson-Thomas theory for quivers and intersection cohomology.

    Before the GLEN will be Edge Days 2014 (6--8 June), Derived Categories, Motives and Zeta-functions (9--10 June), and after the GLEN will be ARTIN41 (11--13 June).

  • Sheffield, Wednesday 26th March 2014. First two talks in Hicks Building F20, the last in F24. For directions see here.

    12--1 Raf Bocklandt (Amsterdam), Pants Decompositions and Stability conditions.
    1.45--2.45 Jon Pridham (Edinburgh), Motives and Tannaka duality for dg categories.
    3--4 Balazs Szendroi (Oxford) Quantum cluster positivity and cohomological Donaldson-Thomas theory.

    The GLEN was followed by the Pure Maths Colloquium given by Ian Strachan (Glasgow) at 4pm in room J11.

  • Glasgow, Friday 13th December 2013, Room 417 Maths Building.

    12.30--1.30 M. Hering (Edinburgh) The moduli space of points on the projective line and its ring of invariants.
    2--3 M. Reid (Warwick) Orbifold RR and ice cream.
    3--4 D. Piyaratne (Edinburgh) Bridgeland stability conditions on abelian threefolds.

    The GLEN was followed by the EMS talk by Ivan Smith (Cambridge) at 4.30.

  • Liverpool, Thursday 3rd October 2013. Poster. **Room Change** Now in lecture room BROD-405 on the 4-th floor of the Brodie Tower. For directions see here.

    1--2.30 Y. Zarhin (Penn State) Hodge groups and Frobenius endomorphisms with special reference to K3 surfaces and cubic fourfolds. abstract.
    3--4 M. Shen (Cambridge) On the Chow ring of certain hyperkahler fourfolds abstract.
    4--5 J. Ayoub (Zurich) Motives of rigid analytic varieties and nearby motives abstract.

Previous Meetings 2012/13:
  • Newcastle, Wednesday 17th October 2012, Herschel building LT1. The poster for the meeting is here

    14.00 Vanya Cheltsov (Edinburgh) Cremona groups and the icosahedron.
    15.00 Sebastian Franco (Durham) Bipartite Field Theories: from D-Brane Probes to the Grassmannian, and Beyond.
    16.00 Timothy Logvinenko (Warwick) PT theory on P^1 x G-Hilb C^2 vs. quantum cohomology of Hilb_m(G-Hilb C^2).

  • Glasgow, Wednesday 21st November 2012, Room 101A, Sir Charles Wilson building. This is building E15 here

    13.00--14.00 Javier Lopez Pena (UCL) A blueprint for solving Tits problem
    14.00--15.00 Viacheslav Nikulin (Liverpool) Kahlerian K3 surfaces and Niemeier lattices.
    15.30--16.30 Sue Sierra (Edinburgh) Noncommutative del Pezzo surfaces

  • Liverpool, Thursday 21st February 2013, Barkla Lecture Theatre, Chadwick Building. Instructions to get there are here and the poster for the meeting is here

    14.00 Charles Vial (Cambridge) Algebraic cycles and fibrations abstract.
    15.00 Arend Bayer (Edinburgh) Birational geometry of moduli of sheaves on K3s via Bridgeland stability abstract.
    16.30 Andreas Langer (Exeter) De Rham-Witt complexes and p-adic cohomology abstract.

  • Edinburgh, Friday 7th June 2013. GLEN forms part of a workshop on algebraic geometry 7-9th June (see here).

    13.30 Caucher Birkar (Cambridge) Adjoint Divisors with Good Augmented Base Locus.
    14.30 Kevin McGerty (Oxford) Localisation for quantum Hamiltonian reductions.
    16.30 Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros (Imperial) Birational Geometry of Terminal Quartic Hypersurfaces.

    Note that the GLEN will be followed by the LMS Bogomolov-fest 10-14th June (see here)