Timetable for K-stability and Kähler Geometry

A timetable pdf is available.

All talks will be held in the Bateman Auditorium, Gonville & Caius College (follow the signs for the conference when you enter the college). The lunches and coffee breaks are in slightly different locations in Caius listed below; the Bateman Room is the room immediately beside the Bateman Auditorium and is easy to find.


12:00 Lunch and registration (Bateman Room)

13:00 Hamid Abban K-stability via double filtration

14:00 Coffee (Bateman Room)

14:30 Stuart Hall An application of Kähler Quantisation to molecular similarity searching

15:30 Break (Bateman Room)

16:00 Rémi Reboulet Non-Archimedean plurisubharmonic geodesics and complex limits

17:00 Wine reception (Bateman Room)


09:30 Jack Rogers K-stability of smooth Fano SL2-threefolds

10:30 Coffee (Bateman Room)

11:00 Simon Jubert A Yau-Tian-Donaldson type correspondence on a class of toric fibrations

12:00 Lunch (Hall)

13:30 Jesus Martinez-Garcia The Calabi problem for Fano 3-folds I

14:30 Coffee (Bateman Room)

15:00 Anne-Sophie Kaloghiros The Calabi problem for Fano 3-folds II

16:00 Break (Bateman Room)

16:30 Lars Martin Sektnan Constructing extremal Kähler metrics on the total space of destabilising test configurations

19:10 Conference dinner (Senior Parlour)


09:00 John McCarthy Bridgeland stability and Z-critical connections

10:00 Coffee (Bateman Room)

10:30 Carlo Scarpa K-stability and the Hitchin-cscK system

11:30 Break (Bateman Room)

12:00 Frances Kirwan Moment maps for nonreductive group actions in Kähler geometry

13:00 Lunch (Hall)


With support from the London Mathematical Society and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique.