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conformalMApp, the conformal map app, lets you apply conformal and non-conformal maps on images, including those in your album and taken by your camera.

Conformal maps are maps from the two dimensional domain R^2 onto R^2 which preserve angles of crossing lines. Using complex numbers we can represent such maps as function w = f(z) with f'(z) != 0 everywhere.

D'Arcy Thompson, arguably the first mathematical biologist, applied conformal (and non-conformal) maps on plants and animals to show similarities in their morphologies.

To use conformalMApp, you simply choose the map by tapping on 'Maps' and an image from 'Images' or by clicking on the camera symbol. From there you can take pictures with your camera and also access those in your gallery. Adjust the mapping with the + and - buttons. You can save the new image by tapping on the save button.

Commissioned by the D'Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum.

conformalMApp conformalMApp conformalMApp conformalMApp

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home publications/talks teaching cv computing links pictures/movies