Algebraic aspects of integrable systems

The third in a series of workshops on integrable systems organised from the Department of Mathematics, University of Glasgow will take place from 2nd (arrival day) to 7th (departure day) July 2007 on Islay. This island lies off the west coast of Scotland and is home to the most distinctive single malt whiskies in the world. The first in this series was held on Islay in 1999 (proceedings), the second on Arran in 2003 (proceedings). The main focus of this meeting will be on the algebraic aspects of integrable systems.


This is now closed.


The acronym ISLAND (Integrable Systems: Linear And Nonlinear Dynamics) was chosen for this series of meetings not only to convey a general indication of the topics to be discussed, but also to indicate the nature of the venues chosen. The key features of these meetings

  • a well-focused meeting concentrating on one or two topics related to integrable systems
  • a small number of participants (40-50)
  • an attractive and peaceful location

are meant to foster a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and so encourage interaction between participants.



The conference will be held at the Machrie Hotel near Port Ellen on Islay. As well as rooms in the main hotel building there are a number of self-contained lodges (consisting of two twin bedrooms and shared facilities) in its grounds. The prices for the different types of accommodation are as follows


Single room in hotel* £420
Twin/Double room in hotel £370 per person
Two in lodge £470 per person
Three in lodge £350 per person
Four in lodge £320 per person


All of these prices include the cost of all meals in the hotel from dinner on the 2nd to breakfast on 7th.

*Note. Single rooms are in very limited supply and we will almost certainly not be able to offer a single room to all who request it.


There will be a registration fee of £50 fee for each participant.

Confirmed Invited speakers

Prof. Etsuro Date (Osaka University)
Prof. John McKay (Concordia University)
Prof. Masatoshi Noumi (Kobe University)
Prof. Simon Riujsenaars (University of Leeds)
Prof. Alexander Varchenko (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

International advisory committee

Harry Braden (University of Edinburgh)

Boris Dubrovin (SISSA, Trieste)

Alexander Veselov (Loughborough University)

Local organisers

Chris Athorne, Misha Feigin, Claire Gilson, Christian Korff, Jon Nimmo, Ian Strachan.


We gratefully acknowledge support from the following bodies

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Edinburgh Mathematical Society Research Support Fund

Glasgow Mathematical Journal Learning and Research Support Fund