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Are you interested in doing a PhD in Mathematical Ecology? Please contact me about possible projects.

Current students


Current Ph.D. Students

  • David Ewing Oct 2013- Modelling the phenological effects of multiple environmental drivers on mosquito populations. What is needed for the mosquito perfect storm?

    Supervisors: Steven White, Christina Cobbold, Beth Purse and Miles Nunn

  • Cameline Nafula Orlendo Nov 2014- Nematode infections
  • Co-supervisors: Louise Matthews,

  • Yi-Hsiu Chen Oct 2011- Quantifying the influence of learning and experience on foraging behaviour.
  • Jason Matthiopoulos and Christina Cobbold

  • Sonia Mitchell July 2014- Diversity
  • Principal Supervisor: Richard Reeve Co-supervisors: Christina Cobbold & Louise Matthews,

  • Elizabeth Mittell January 2015- Food security in the omics era: the role of polyploidy, hybridisation and mating system on the ability of crops to adapt to changing environments
  • Principal Supervisor: Barbara Mable Co-supervisors: Umer Ijaz, Christina Cobbold & Bill Mullen

Past students

Past Students

  • Erida Gjini 2007-2011 PhD: Evolutionary Dynamics of Extreme Genomic Diversification

    Supervisors: Christina Cobbold, Dan Haydon and Dave Barry. Erida is now a postdoctoral researcher in the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia, Portugal

  • Catherine Higham 2008-2012 PhD:Dynamic DNA and human disease: Mathematical modeling in myotonic dystrophy.
  • Principal Supervisor: Darren Monckton Co-supervisors: Dan Haydon, Christina Cobbold & Douglas Wilcox. Catherine is now a postdoctoral researcher in Statistics University of Glasgow

  • Darryl Maloney 2014 MSc: Predator-prey interaction in a moving climate
  • Ross Kirk 2013 MSci: Periodc travelling waves
  • Craig Dun 2012 MSc: Integrodifference models and travelling wave solutions. Craig is now a consultant for Ricardo-AEA
  • Richard Baillie: 2011 MSci: Periodic travelling waves in predator-prey models and the effect of spatial hetergeneity landscapes. Richard is now an actuarial analyst at Mercer
  • Remus Stana July-September 2014 LMS Undergraduate Vacation Research Project
  • Can organisms with a non-motile life-stage keep pace with climate change?
  • Kathleen Cleary June-August 2008 Nuffield Undergraduate Vacation Research Project
  • Can parasitoids slow or stop a wave of invading hosts?
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