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Collaborators and Students


Research Assistants

  • Dr James F Mather - "Two-layer thermo-compositional dynamo models of the geomagnetic field" funded by the Leverhulme Trust, UK, 2018.

  • Dr Luis Silva - "Two-layer thermo-compositional dynamo models of the geomagnetic field" funded by the Leverhulme Trust, UK, 2013-2016.

PGR Research students

  • Parag Gupta - PhD student, started 2020.

  • Antesar Al Dawoud - PhD student, started 2020.

  • Tahani Al Sariri - PhD student, started 2018.

  • Dr Peter Mortensen - PhD student, graduated 2021-05-24.
    (Cite: Mortensen, Peter (2021) Mathematical Modelling of the Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Cardiac Cells Coupled with Non-Muscle Cells. PhD Thesis, University of Glasgow.

  • Dr James J Quinn - PhD student, graduated 2021-04-01.
    (Cite: Quinn, James (2021) Modelling anisotropic viscosity with applications in the solar corona. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow.

  • Dr Muhamad Hifzhudin Noor Aziz - PhD, graduated 2021-01-15.
    (Cite: Noor Aziz, Muhamad Hifzhudin Bin (2021) Analysis and applications of models of single-cell cardiac electrical excitation. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow.

  • Dr Ameneh Asgari-Targhi - PhD, graduated 2017-11-03.
    (Cite: Asgari-Targhi, Ameneh (2017) Action potential duration alternans in mathematical models of excitable cells. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow.

  • Stylianos Vasileiou - MSc, graduated in 2017.

  • Muhamad Hifzhudin Noor Aziz - MSc, graduated 2015.

  • Dr Andrew Allan - PhD, graduated in 2015.

  • Dr Roberto Pintus - PhD Erasmus Exchange from the University of Cagliari, Italy, visited from 2009 to 2010.
    PhD dissertation: Development of an inductive magnetohydrodinamic generator , University of Cagliary, Cagliary, 2011.

MSci students

  • James Quinn - MSci student, graduated 2016.

  • David Russell, "Analytical and Numerical Models of Thermal Convection with Applications to Planets and Stars", Mathematics, University of Glasgow, 2014-2015.

  • Craig Newsum, "Mean-field dynamo models of the solar magnetic field and solar cycle", Mathematics, University of Glasgow, 2013-2014.

Teaching - Lectures

    I teach, or I have taught over the years, the following courses at the School of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Glasgow:

  • Cardiac Electrophysiology (a couple of lectures in a Scotland-wide PhD course)

  • Fluid Mechanics (4th-year undergraduate courses)

  • Numerical Solution of PDEs; Numerical Methods (4th-year undergraduate courses)

  • Mathematical Methods (ODEs & PDEs, a 3rd-year undergraduate course)

  • Writing and Presenting Mathematics (a 3rd-year undergraduate course)

  • Multivariable Calculus (2A, a 2nd-year undergraduate course)

  • Calculus (1R, 1Y, 1st-year undergraduate courses)

Teaching - Tutorials

    Typically, I teach 6 tutorials per week on a range of courses given in the School.

Teaching - Other

    My other teaching duties include supervision of PhD and undergraduate projects, examination of PhD candidates, etc.


Radostin Simitev