Brendan Owens

Reader, Adviser of Studies, Postgraduate Research Convenor

Room 434 Mathematics and Statistics Building
School of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Glasgow

Brendan [dot] Owens [at] glasgow [dot] ac [dot] uk


My research is in low-dimensional topology. I am interested in smooth 3-manifolds, 4-manifolds and knots, and in the use of gauge-theoretic invariants of manifolds, especially Floer homology groups.

Mathematical genealogy.


You can also find my papers on the arXiv, on MathSciNet, and on zbMATH.

PhD students

Former students and their theses

Current students

Vitalijs Brejevs (joint with Andy Wand), Tanushree Shah (joint with Ana Lecuona and Andy Wand), Weizhe Niu.


2012-21 Semester 1


Computer programs

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