Ruadhaí Dervan

Picture of me at a whiteboard

I'm a Senior Lecturer and Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow. I've previously spent parts of my career and education at the University of Cambridge (where I was a fellow of Gonville & Caius College), École Polytechnique, Université libre de Bruxelles and Trinity College Dublin.

My first name is pronounced "Rui" (the "dh" is silent, it's Irish).

I research complex geometry, which is roughly the intersection of algebraic and differential geometry. I'm interested in both the analytic and algebro-geometric sides of complex geometry, and at the moment most of my work lies somewhere between the two. Topics I'm currently interested in include Kähler geometry, K-stability, moduli theory, non-Archimedean geometry and geometric analysis, amongst others.

Thomas' notes and Székelyhidi's book (see also similar notes) are excellent introductions to my area, and Donaldson has written a compelling (but more technical) survey.

I am currently teaching the SMSTC course Riemann Surfaces.

My CV. My email address is My office is 439, University of Glasgow Mathematics & Statistics Building.

I am advertising two PhD positions to work with me, to begin in September 2024, funded by my Royal Society University Research Fellowship. If you might be interested in these positions and doing a PhD in algebraic or differential geometry, please contact me by email. The current deadline to apply is December 15th, but please contact me before then. I especially welcome applications from those from underrepresented groups. My current and previous students have worked on a range of topics in (complex) differential and algebraic geometry. Similarly please contact me if you might like to do a postdoc in Glasgow, and I can explain various funding sources.

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Photos with Michael, John and Annamaria (Aarhus, June 2022) and Alexia and Rémi (Cambridge, August 2022).

I am organising a six-month programme titled New equivariant methods in algebraic and differential geometry along with several others at the Isaac Newton Institute in 2024. As part of this, I am organising the workshop K-stability and moment maps held there from May 13th to 17th 2024. I've previously conferences and workshops in Chicago (Around complex geometry), Cambridge (Cambridge complex geometry afternoon, 2022), Cambridge (K-stability and Kähler geometry, 2021), Newcastle (Newcastle complex geometry workshop, 2018), Rome (Moduli of K-stable varieties, 2017) and Cambridge (Postgraduate conference in complex geometry, 2015). The Rome conference has an associated conference proceedings, also edited by Codogni and Viviani.

I taught Part III Complex Manifolds in Cambridge in Lent Term 2020 and Lent Term 2019.