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Publication List of Radostin Simitev


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  1. Mortensen, P., Gao, H., Smith, G., Simitev, R., Action potential propagation and block in a model of atrial tissue with myocyte-fibroblast coupling, Math. Med. & Biol., [submitted 2020-10-06].

  2. In journals

  3. Mather, J.F., Simitev, R., Regimes of thermo-compositional convection and related dynamos in rotating spherical shells, Geophys. Astrophys. Fluid Dyn., DOI:10.1080/03091929.2020.1762875, 2020.

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  39. In reviewed collections

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  49. Dissertation

  50. Simitev, R., Convection and Magnetic Field Generation in Rotating Spherical Fluid Shells , Doctoral dissertation, University of Bayreuth, Universitaetsbibliothek Bayreuth, 2004. [download]

  51. In proceedings, technical reports

  52. Mortensen P., Aziz M.H.B.N., Gao H., Simitev, R., Modelling and simulation of electrical propagation in transmural slabs of scarred left ventricle tissue, 6th European Conference on Computational Mechanics (ECCM 6) 7th European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ECFD 7) 11--15 June 2018, Glasgow, UK, PERMANENT LINK, 2018.

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  67. Simitev, R., Study of Band Structures in 128^Ba Nucleus by the Tilted Axis Cranking Model, M.Sc. thesis, University of Sofia, 2000, (in Bulgarian).

  68. Software and Datasets

  69. Quinn, J.J., MacTaggart, D., Simitev, R., The effect of anisotropic viscosity on the nonlinear MHD kink instability, University of Glasgow Enlighten Data Repository, DOI:10.5525/gla.researchdata.851, 2019.

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  71. Silva. L, Simitev, R., Spectral code for linear analysis of the onset of thermo-compositional convection in rotating spherical fluid shells,, 1307245. DOI:10.5281/zenodo.1307245, 2018.

Presentations and talks

I have presented my published works at various conferences and workshops as follows. Many other presentations have been given by my collaborators.

Sofia, BG (6 June 1995, talk), Bayreuth, DE (talks, posters), Braunschweig, DE (3 April 2001, talk), Stuttgart, DE (9 October 2001, talk), Muenchen, DE (11 April 2002, talk), Whoods Hole, US (MA, 20 August 2002, talk), Ilmenau, DE (25 September 2002, poster), Dresden, DE (26 November 2002, talk), Caramulo, PT (Portugal, 31 August 2003, poster), Potsdam, DE (1 October 2003, poster), Liverpool, UK (4 April 2005, poster), Leeds, UK (13 May 2005, talk), Dresden, DE (18 July 2005, talk, poster), Liverpool, UK (28 September 2005, talk), Glasgow, UK (11 May 2006, talk), Glasgow, UK (20 Feb 2007, talk), Glasgow, UK (21 May 2007, talks), St Andrews, UK (25 May 2007, talk), Newcastle, UK (7 June 2007, talk), Glasgow, UK (25 October 2007, talk), Newcastle, UK (26 October 2007, talk), Stirling, UK (20 November 2007, talk), Salford, UK (5 June 2008, talk), Santa Barbara, US (CA, 11 July 2008, talk), Santa Barbara, US (CA, 17 July 2008, talk ), Zurich, Switzerland (11 June 2009, talk), Cambridge, UK (22 July 2009, poster), Stirling, UK (24 November 2009, talk), Grenoble, France (1 April 2010, talk), Stanford, CA (19 July 2010, talk), Imperial College, London (8 Dec 2010, talk), Glasgow (27 Apr 2011, talk), Exeter (02 June 2011, talk), Oxford (09 July 2011, poster), Stockholm (3 August 2011, talk), East Kilbride (28 Oct 2011, talk), Liverpool (7 Dec 2011, talk), Leeds (26 Jan 2012, talk), Stanford (27 Apr 2012, talk), Stanford (3 Aug 2012, talk), San Francisco (7 Dec 2012, poster), Vienna (8 Apr 2013, talk, EGU2013-14187 in EMRP2.2), London (16 Apr 2013, talk), Stockholm (29 Apr 2013, talk), Glasgow (23 May 2013, talk), Exeter (18 Nov 2013, talk), Cardiff (28 Apr 2014, poster), Edinburgh (15 May 2014, talk), Exeter (22 May 2014, poster), Newcastle (29 Aug 2014, talk), Cambridge (12 Sept 2014, talk), Cambridge (17 Nov 2014, talk), Glasgow (21 Nov 2014, talk), NASA Ames (16 Apr 2015, talk), Newcastle (14 May 2015, talk), Glasgow (28 May 2015, talk), Prague, IUGG-5323 (23 June 2015, talk), Prague, IUGG-5538 (24 June 2015, poster), Dundee (02 Nov 2015, talk), Ilmenau (7 Dec 2015, talk), Nottingham (13 Dec 2016, talk), Glasgow (07 June 2017, talk), London (16 Nov 2017, poster), Glasgow (24 Jan 2018, talk), St Andrews (27 Mar 2018, talk, BAMC), St Andrews (28 Mar 2018, poster, BAMC), Glasgow (12 June 2018, talk, ECCM-ECFD-2018), Bath (24 Apr 2019, talk, BAMC), Bath (25 Apr 2019, talk, BAMC), Bath (25 Apr 2019, talk, BAMC), London (09 May 2019, talk, UK-SEDI), Newcastle (06 Sept 2019, talk, CCC-2019), SMB 2020 (20 Aug 2020, Zoom Talk), Stanford (24 Sept 2020, Zoom Talk).


Radostin Simitev